August 31, 2016


Euston makes no sense, £Billions wasted.

HS2 ‘Option 8’ is brutalist compared to DDD alternative

About Pan Camden HS2 Alliance

Councillors on Euston Green

On Euston Green

The group is volunteer and non party-political. It was formed in May 2010 after a public meeting called by local Councillors to inform people about the “Exceptional Hardship Scheme” and the newly announced tunneling route and station expansion.

The group’s aim is to comprehensively examine the underlying environmental, practical and business arguments put forward by HS2 Ltd for its choice of route and their justifications for spending £32 billion.

Many of the inaccurate assumptions used by HS2 ltd to argue its case are examined in a paper by Hillary Wharf and Bruce Weston (railway economists) which can be downloaded here Myths HS2

It is also an aim to ensure that if the Euston route continues to be favoured, the interests and quality of life of residents in Euston, Camden and Primrose Hill are preserved and enhanced.

Particularly important will be the need to scrutinise evidence put forward by HS2 Ltd the Government owned Company which is promoting the project.

The group would warmly welcome anyone who can contribute expertise particularly in the fields of engineering, tunneling, rail / infrastructure projects, transport economics, noise and vibration, urban and infrastructure planning, environmental impact, political lobbying, CPO and Human Rights Law. Of course, all help in administration, fund raising and general practical involvement will also be gratefully accepted. Please contact us:


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